A fuse is a device for protecting an electrical system against the effects of overcurrents (excess currents), by melting one or more fuse elements, thus opening the circuit. Very fast-acting fuses are widely used for the protection of diodes, thyristors, and other power semiconductors in AC and DC power electronics applications, and provide excellent protection against the potentially damaging effects of short-circuit currents. Current-limiting fuses achieve this protection by limiting both the amount of energy produced during an overcurrent and also the peak current which is allowed to flow. The term ‘semiconductor fuse’ means a very fast-acting fuse specifically intended for the protection of power semiconductors.

  • Chemical/Plastic
  • Iron/Steel
  • Marine
  • Petroleum
  • Heavy Industry
  • Light Industry
  • Paper/Textile
  • Warehouse
  • Cooper Bussman
  • Ferraz Shawmut
  • Siemens
  • Standard
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